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Support Sweden with address change

The artwork support team need to support Sweden with the address change to the new German manu address across all labeled products.


We are yet to start this task as there is currently an issue sourcing the working Indd files from Sweden. Email from Sweden below.


Getting help with this from your team sounds amazing. And as a lifesaver!
There’s one problem however.. After coming back from my maternity leave and taking over all the material from my temp and a computer crash later, we don’t have all the working files. I’ve had to start pretty much from scratch unfortunately. 
I can send you the ones that I have, but it will be far from all of them.
When is the deadline to have all labels updated? And will it be the current style labels or should we go ahead and start moving over to the new style for this project? If we need to make labels from scratch anyway since so many working files have been lost, maybe it’s worth while to start that process now?
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  • May 19 2016
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  • Gemma Goodyer commented
    May 20, 2016 13:18

    Old style labels only please.

    Si's team is happy to supoort on this on the basis that the working files are delivered as promptly as possible, he will keep us updated if anything changes. If any extra resources are required we will look at a temporary freelancer.