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Fresh face mask content to ukraine for Simon N

  • Debbi Allen
  • May 11 2016
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  • Alessandro Commisso commented
    May 23, 2016 21:22
    They are launching locally made Fresh Masks.
    They just need some content (+ possibly some PR stuff?)
    Details from the team:
    - now all preparation work is in process - repair in the production room, certification procedures in the government authorities, searching for the right equipment. We are planning to start in June. First, testing period, sending samples to the UK fresh department for the approval and ...start and launch.
    -  now we have fresh in our shops not regularly delivered from the UK Manufacturing. Sales are OK, 2% of the total sales. Our target is 4-5% of total sales when we start making it locally.
    - we do not have any content in Ukrainian for fresh launch. Now we are working on a Fresh catalogue/windows and need some help from UK team ( maybe video, photos, plan, etc.). If you have something for us, please send to Sara ( she is responsible for Digital for Fresh project), cc' me also.
    - we have never made fresh in stores - it is difficult to organize  - little space, in most shops - not enough water, unfortunately
    Yes, we have some experience of parties - How to make products ( we use Product kits a lot).