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Bournemouth - opening date is wrong

Jess - I need to support the Bournemouth shop in putting out a message on each of their social channels to communicate there's an error on the hoarding for the opening date of their shop being refitted. I've forwarded Milly (writer) the relevant emails so she can see what I mean. Would a writer be able to craft something for each of their social channels as I'm currently up north doing shop visits. The date has just been printed back to front for some ridiculous reason. Customer Care responded to a customer query regarding this issue beautifully, quoting Back to the Future so thought we could do something similar with the shop's posts or possibly even something doctor who related?... 'wibby wobbly timey wimey'. Your help would be most appreciated as I need to get this out to them asap xx

  • Danika Stainer
  • May 24 2016
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