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Lush Times (Summer edt) Oxford St Exclusives in too much pages

We are working on the new Lush Times Summer Edition right now and we found out that, despite all our petitions (from graphic designers, copywriters, brand teams, etc) of taking out all the Oxford Exclusives products that we are not allowed to sell in our shops, the new edition is again full of them. It confuses our customers about what they can and can not buy in our countries and we have had lots of complaints about this in our shops both in Portugal and Spain. Is there any way we can solve this for once, please? 
We don't want our clients to keep feeling confused, angry or frustrated about what we sell and don't sell. We receive constant feedback from out staff both in shops and online about clustomers complaining about this. It also is a bit contradictory considering our eco-friendly ethics: we are using lots of paper that we could be saving instead of wasting it with pages and pages of products that won't be selling in our shops. Maybe we could make an Oxford Street Exclusives section that we could add or remove depending on the products that are sold in our countries?

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  • May 24 2016
  • Unlikely to implement
  • May 24, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Nathalia! I have assigned your request over to Debbi for review. You'll be updated on any changes or comments on here. :) Thank you! - Danika

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