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Create a clearer Charity Pot lid sticker

We all love the charities featured on the Charity Pot lids, as it gives us and customers more information about the groups we fund with Charity Pot. The lids are eye catching, make Charity Pot stand out and inspire us.  It also gives a vital platform to the lucky charities on the lids, and promotes their work. However the lid design was changed a couple of years ago and the new template is not working for a few reasons and could be improved. 

1. The text along the top needs the word 'like...' adding: By buying Charity Pot you support good causes like…

2. The words 'Charity Pot' and 'Hand and Body Lotion' need to be smaller and not obscure the image. 

More detail on 1. Currently some customers believe when they buy Charity Pot that their money goes to the group featured on the lid, when the lid groups are simply examples of groups we have funded in the past. Just by adding the word 'like...' (as it used to say on the old lid template) it may help clear up some of this confusion (and for new staff too)

More detail on 2. The words Charity Pot and Hand and Body Lotion currently go across the image of the charity. On the old lid sticker this writing was smaller and off-set to the side, so more of the image could be seen. The writing is currently too large and almost completely obscures the image. It makes it very difficult to source images that work with this template. We risk annoying the over stretched charities we work with, as we have to constantly go back to them for new images as the ones they send us do not work with the current design. 

The old design template is still used in North America and they sell enormous amounts of Charity Pot - far more than in Europe. In 2015 NA raised 57% of total global funds.  

You can see examples of the old and new lids in the attached brief

  • Becca Lush
  • May 25 2016
  • Complete
  • Jun 8, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Becca! We would like to do a full project on charity pot along side the Charity Pot team to understand all of their needs and this will be part of that project. 

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  • Lauraine Lenoir commented
    May 25, 2016 10:23

    I totally agree with the brief, the "like" would solve the missunderstanding problem. Thank you Becca ! 

  • Becca Lush commented
    July 27, 2016 15:42

    any news on this?  The lid urgently needs tweaking, and the lid groups changing. The current groups have been on the UK lids for months. 

  • Becca Lush commented
    September 19, 2016 11:58

    Hi - would love an update on a redesigned Charity Pot lid so it is easier to communicate about the charities on our lids. We urgently need to change the 6 groups on the UK lids, but the current template does not work and it urgently needs redesigning. B x