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Global Digital Fulfilment Circle


To build excellent communication globally, in a collaborative way, to build relationships and share skills & knowledge.

To create a common team vision of goals, objectives and a way forward. Come away with projects/tasks clearly defined and everyone’s contribution to the team


DF - Australia , New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong -Germany, UAE, Brazil, UK, EU

Support representation - Manu, Customer Care, Brand, Buying, People, Finance 

Lead/Host - Nina & Becks

Note taker - Lynsey 


When? - August TBC

Where?Dusseldorf training room



Monday: Travel




Ice breakers - 100 questions from school of life

Collaboration training - Identity/mission statement

Evening meal



Morning Soak - task to prepare 10 min showcase - focused on skill/knowledge/best practice sharing

Open Space - how do DF bring exceptional value to the business?



Circle meeting - tensions/values/drivers/solutions/actions

Way Forward - think about planning, define support networks, communication channels

Summary - what has been agreed


Friday: Travel

  • Becks Johnson
  • May 26 2016
  • Planning
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