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Support for Window after Fathers Day

After Fathers Day (evening of 19th June) what will be the VM plan - focus - guidance for shop window space?

Assuming that we keep the We Believe messaging shops will still need to freshen up their displays, with the removal of Fathers Day products.

One idea could be to remerch a generic We Believe Window Display that can be shared with shops as an updated toolkit. By updating this we could eliminate shops creating window displays that are not on brand.

Looking at the calendar to put this is place we'd need VM support and completed guidance by Thursday 9th June.

Jess W & Danni

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  • Jun 2 2016
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    June 3, 2016 08:24

    Hi Danika, See below the email I sent to Fliss initially with our requests for the images. We need the idea signed off asap so that we can at least confirm with the VM team that the idea is good to go and they can then match the window display to the travel theme but the actual deadline for completed images and window VM is 9th June.


    Here are the 4 image concepts myself and the other Brand Correspondents have come up with for the intermittent time that shops don't have any comms so we're focusing on travelling/summer. If we could get these in the next week that would be amazing!! As discussed we'd like these images to be flatlay.

    Picture 1/ Backpacker

    Props: Rucksack, water bottle, compass. 

    Products: BOOM! toothy tabs, Karma Komba shampoo bar, Trichomania, Powdered Sunshine, Aromaco deodorant, Sunblock, Dreamwash Roulade, Charity Pot, Ultrabalm (Any or all)


    Picture 2 / City person traveling with a cool furoshiki (on the way to a date night)

    Props: Colourful knot-wrap, 'date night' tickets for somewhere, handbag, Iphone.

    Products: Bling or Oral Pleasure toothy tabs, Shimmy Shimmy massage bar, EB or It Started With A Kiss liptint, Queen Bee, Full Of Grace


    Picture 3 / Someone on his or her way to a picnic (so I can imagine it can be a basket instead of a bag)

    Props: Picnic blanket, fresh fruit/veg you'd eat at a picnic, knife and fork, sunglasses.

    Products: Powdered Sunshine, Tooth Fairy, Pearl massagebar, Breath of Fresh Air toner water, Sunny Day, Sunkissed lip tint


    Picture 4 / Festival person

    Props: 'Camping items', lantern, flask, torch, glowsticks

    Products: No Drought shampoo, Cup O’Coffee, Rainbow Fun, Buffy , Soft Coeur massage bar, Jungle conditioner, Movis, Elbow Grease

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    June 3, 2016 13:57

    Just to confirm (with regards to this inline with the merged idead)- for the window VM the messaging will still be 'We Believe' it's just the product re-fresh that we'd like to have a similar theme as the images for social/digital. So the products listed below etc, perhaps with one overall window display which features all/some of the products below and then options for shops with smaller windows/more than one window VM guidance for the individually themed traveller/festival-goer products etc. The window products need to be changed over on the evening of the 19th June anyway as Father's Day will be coming out so would be nice to have the products in the window in-line with digital/social

  • Debbi Allen commented
    June 29, 2016 14:01

    Viva can you support Jess with this please x