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Shop RAOK cards redesigned to include space for a message

Shop teams enjoy being able to put a little message on the RAOK card when giving them to a customer in store. Is there a way the RAOK cards can be looked at to include some space for this?

  • Jess Wicks
  • Jun 6 2016
  • Needs more info
  • Jun 8, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi! Can we get some more info on this.

    • What is the stock level? 
    • We need some customer journey detail, does it add another level of complexity on this?
    • May need some stats behind this, help from a planner to get some more detail. 


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  • Guest commented
    June 13, 2016 12:11

    Hi, I've asked Kirsty Dixon to help out with this. Can it be added to a pillar before we allocate anyone else to look at aspects of this so we know who's working on it. Jo Da Silva has looked through it with me too and thinks potentially it fits well in the Handmade team?

  • Jane Liu commented
    June 28, 2016 23:20

    Hi, Kirsty has asked me to help this with a bit of stats & discovery around current situation - please see the attachment. Any queries let me know. :)

    Online (social + CC) stats show that not too many people are talking about it, and the conversations are spilt into different messages. But that'd also be an area we might wanna look at RAOK from a global brand aspect - consistency of delivered concept for example.

    If Jess has some stock stats or anecdotal facts from the retail side that'd also be helpful to add values to this query.

    • Stock and consistency among RAOK cards.
    • How does each market's shops talk about this?
    • How often do shops give out RAOK and how's the feedbacks? Do people really come back and say thanks? How often?
    • How many shops staffs/ customers are bothered with the design of space?


    Obviously RAOK is a big topic, there's definitely areas that need to be built out. Anything that needs to be developed more let us know.