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Smaller baskets option as well as large?

Being a smaller store we find the new baskets feel quite large in the space we have. It was just a random thought if there could be a smaller option as well. I realise the idea is bigger baskets bigger sales, but when someone just has a couple of items and we offer a huge basket, they often turn the basket down and they take up a lot of space around our till. If we had some smaller baskets (not too much smaller) they could make the till organisation smoother and roomier! Someone who only has a couple of melts and a pot (or small kids) would benefit from a basket, but when we offer the current size it often feels too large for them to take for just those small items.


Having the current size and a smaller size would be a great option and we felt they would be more received by customers who have just a few smaller items who then would maybe browse a bit longer with a more reasonable sized basket. Also we just had no space to take them behind our till and soon we are having new scales where we can't chop soap on them (so we need to somehow make soap cutting space).

It might seem a silly suggestion but we would appreciate it in a smaller store :D Could just be us that feel this way but just putting it out there ;)

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  • Jun 14 2016
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  • Jun 16, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hey guys! Thank you for sending us your request (lovely chatting to you in person too!) We actually have a meeting this afternoon to review all these lovely new ideas coming through so I can keep you posted. :) - Danika

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  • Nick Gumery commented
    June 22, 2016 14:53

    Hi Guys,

    Its Nick here, Lush Design Buyer - I will contact our supplier and see if a smaller basket is available / feasible.

    I will let you know.




  • Danika Stainer commented
    June 22, 2016 15:34

    Thanks Nick!

    I've set this to 'Needs More Info' whilst you look into that :)