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External events in Bournemouth this Summer

With no re-opening date for the Bournemouth store imminent, we are hoping to do some external events/sampling activities in and around Bournemouth town centre this summer (to keep us top of mind with our customers there and to also keep the staff busy).  I am speaking with the council about licensing and opportunities - but we will need some design/VM support (can we use the airstream?  Can we use the beach huts?  How should we brand such activities? Can we tie it in with a campaign/brand message - eg, naked etc).  Also, product supply - so support from Manu.   

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  • Jun 22 2016
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  • Jun 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Karen! This sounds really exciting. :) The Digital Lab will be taking a look at new ideas and requests this week so we can give you an update once this has been done. Feel free to attach any relevant files (images/brief) to this idea too which would help give an overview of what you would need from the team. Thanks! - Danika

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