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Lush Korea "smelly TV" feedback

From Veronica:


Dear Ale, 

Hope you had a great weekend.  As per our last Skype call last week, I’ve written down whatever I can which is pretty much what I shared with you over Skpye for your information. 


What is written below is the ideas we’ve gathered so far regarding our upcoming project ‘Lush Smelly TV’, which is to broadcast various Lush stories to digital audience through live streaming method. 


We’ve been exploring a variety of ideas, researching relevant areas that are relevant to realizing this vision and reached the following purposes and ideas for this project so far.


ü  Presenting a wide spectrum of Lush stories in the liveliest manner possible through which our customers can be better gravitated to the philosophy, shops, actions, products, knowledge and people Lush as a brand has to offer

ü  Realizing the concept of ‘real-time’ interaction in a digital platform covering the areas that require either in-depth and/or in-action elaboration such as product/beauty tutorial, brand ethics, campaigns and other general branding education 

ü  Feeding life to the contents we want to share, educate and preach, engaging staffs, influencers, experts to create healthy debates as well as to validate our beliefs 

ü  Simply to win the digital market by trying something completely new, unique and real for the first time amongst cosmetics brands in Korea 

ü  The keywords we will be focusing throughout are Lush (the obvious one), Live (what we do or can do now, as well as introducing real-time aspect of our story even for the ones that may involve future changes), Life (how Lush can influence one’s life in a way or the other, as well as bringing life to the contents we share) 


With the above purposes in mind, we then discussed endlessly about what can we show—so the contents.  The list can go on forever, as there are so much we can actually show in so many different ways, for starters, we think it’s best to focus on few that we think we can do best.


l  Shop tour with staff recommendation, proper product demos, tutorials and etc. 

l  Introducing pre-made Fresh products (face masks, cleansers and etc.) and simply showing the filling part of the production process to present the freshest batch made for the month and selling them real-time 

l  Local buying trips, ingredient stories and other ethical stories to share 

l  Live chat with campaign experts, partners, socialtainers, influencers, charities and so on to introduce or explore the topic or issue in greater depth

l  Broadcasting events and activities such as the Queer Parade, Go Naked march, Lush Prize and etc. real-time 

l  Beauty talks with influential experts, bloggers and professionals 

l  Common or useful global contents from Lush UK or Lush Digital (this obviously will not be real-time, but we can make it like a movie premier by allowing the audience to wait up for the first viewing at a certain date and time)


All these will be interactive, meaning that from the moment we plan and start something we can trigger customer participation by asking questions like “which shop would you like to virtually visit and tour?”, and we can re-promote the professionally edited version of the story by sharing the link to the archive after the real-time show.  Depending on the type of content, the presentation (format or setting of the show) method will be different—for instance, there are certain issues and topics that are done in a quiet setting like a studio talk show setting (happening in our spa kitchen, for example), and some topics will be more suitable in a TED talk like a setting, while there are other topics can be done in the actual shop floors. 


After a series of research, we discovered;

1)      Facebook takes up 30% of the total online video streaming while YouTube’s portion decreased dramatically down to 30%

2)      Facebook only supports iphones while YouTube supports only Android 

3)      Our website will be the main platform for the live streaming service together with facebook and youtube (so all three major channels will be utilized real-time)

4)      There is no technical difficulty that should block us from this live broadcasting project 

5)      As Ale suggested, we are studying/researching the actual time frame for more real-time audience (morning? Evening? What time of the day and what day is the most popular? And etc.)


At the moment, we don’t have a detailed plan on creating a separate team for this as we see this as a task force team effort which consists of marketing, PR, design and digital to mainly run the program.  However, we do need to recruit an expert or work with a professional agency for filming and editing (with more focus on editing).  We will also be renting the filming equipments like the lights, camera and stuff, to make it as most cost-effective as possible.  We hope to be able to launch this at around the time of our new website launch at the end of July, but might delay the launch of Lush Smelly TV depending on how well we are prepared.  We might wait for our mobile app launch, which will follow shortly after the website renewal.


We will continue to update you as to how we progress, but please feel free to ask if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, and also share what’s happening with Lush Digital’s plan as we think there’s probably more that we can share.


Thank you! xx


Veronica Kim |김미현

Sales Director  

LUSH Korea, Inc.

  • Alessandro Commisso
  • May 12 2016
  • Planning
  • May 17, 2016

    Admin Response

    Erica will be looking at this and will contact you to discuss how we can work together! :) 

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