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Article Update Needed!

Next week is National Badger Week! The Badger Trust has decided to run a National Badger Week campaign so there will be lots of social activity around this. Can we get one of our Badger articles updated so that it can be shared out on social?

Deadline: 28th June (gives us the rest of the week to post it out)

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  • Jun 23 2016
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  • Jun 23, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hey Jess, I've assigned this to the Conversations team to take a look at - we'll keep you updated! - Danika

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  • Kate Taylor commented
    June 24, 2016 14:53

    Hi Jess - I've had a little look into this. There doesn't seem to be much conversation going on about Badger Week just yet, but maybe that's because it doesn't start until tomorrow. I see Oxford St have a badger week event tomorrow so we should certainly share that across our main channels. I expect Badger Trust and Save Me will be putting out lots of great content next week so maybe we should share some of that on our channels, rather than directing people to our site with an article. The #stopthecull and #badgermonday hashtags are still active and I expect they'll be busy next week, so maybe we should encourage UK shops to follow those tags and conversations and join in as they see fit, as part of the 30 day challenge? What do you think Nic and Debbi? x