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Ginger Perfume for Gorilla's birthday

It's Gorilla Islington's birthday coming up and they are having a promotional event to celebrate this. Lush Kitchen are holding a pop up compounder session to make Ginger shower gel on 16th July. 

Gorilla would also like to have Ginger perfume be made to sell on the same day. They have already been having conversations with the fragrance room and Tracy the perfume manager to organise this but it doesn't appear to have been 'signed-off' by anyone so can this be reviewed as soon as possible please?


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  • Jun 29 2016
  • Unlikely to implement
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  • Guest commented
    June 29, 2016 18:37

    Received the following social media plan from Hollye at Gorilla:

    • ASAP. if we DO get Ginger perfume, a hint post on all social media channels from Gorilla Islington. If we don’t, we could still do a hint post to say we’re getting a special shower gel
    • NEXT WEEK announce shower gel on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, tagging Lush Kitchen. Need an image from Lush Kitchen. Mention that our lovely customers always ask for it so we’ve got it specially for them. IF we do get the perfume, we can finish the post with “we have another exciting announcement to make tomorrow, so stay tuned!"
    • Facebook event (if Lush channels or Kitchen channels could share this and/or the post above, it would be fantastic). Can send this to other Lush shops so all the Lushies know what is going on, too. If the perfume is apprived, I think it would be lovely to use the image of Ginger from the Cosmetics To Go book
    • main Gorilla brand channel to retweet/share/repost some of Gorilla Islington’s posts
    • on the day, some live streaming (FB and/or Periscope) of the Kitchen team making the shower gel, potentially with Q&A
  • Danika Stainer commented
    July 8, 2016 11:17

    Colette and Jack are meeting with Mark today to talk about the perfumes that can be done. :) 

  • Jess Wicks commented
    July 8, 2016 12:31

    Simon has already looked at this and it has not been signed off.