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New Applicant Tracking System with redesigned careers page

User stories for ATS mapped out - refer to Kate Taylor.

Career site ideas mapped out - refer to Ian Landman

Workable, has now been purchased. (17.05.2016)

Give to Tamsin (Needs to be added) 

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  • May 13 2016
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  • Guest commented
    May 19, 2016 09:57

    Trialling Workable for Talent Programmes only - I'm not using this as an ATS currently.  Kate and Tamsin will have all the info you should need for a global ATS and Ian is mapping out the Careers Page along with our Employer Branding.

  • Kate Taylor commented
    May 19, 2016 15:05

    These are the requirements which Sophia and I gathered and prioritised following our meeting with HR (Retail, Manu and Digital) and Payroll.

    I believe next steps are to shortlist potential ATSs (Victoria has supplied a list of suggestions below) and then cross check these systems against the requirements which have been gathered and also their APIs against the requirements for the new career site. Ideally HR need a new ATS solution in place (for UK and Germany at least) before the July-Nov Xmas recruitment rush. Vacancy Filler (current ATS, that does not have an API) is due for contract renewal in Oct.

    Sage HR Online

    With regards to the new careers page, HR raised that they would like copy-writing/video creation assistance with the new sections they would like to create. Kat Hannible (retail HR) has copy-writing experience though and is happy to assist.

    Also need to consider the new careers web page and how it will work globally. If other countries want to have the careers site integrated through to their ATS then we might need to consider rolling out a new global ATS.

    Need to decide who now can drive this forward.