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Japanese product search function on website

Currently the website search function only brings up products when the name is searched using the Kanji alphabet, but customers also try to search in the other Japanese alphabets. For example if a customer remembered a product with a name of "Angel", if they search 天使 (Kanji) it will show them the related products. But if the search エンゼル (also meaning Angel) it won't come up. I am assuming this will be the case in the new GA.

Maybe we can have a backend alternative product name field that is included for search but doesn't necessarily appear in the front end? - This will help markets that have recently changed over to English names too like France and Italy.  

  • Rachel King
  • Jul 19 2016
  • Future consideration
I need it.... Not sure, just thought it was cool
What part of the business does it relate to? Creative Tech
  • Jul 20, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Rachel, we have a review of the new requests and ideas tomorrow so if you're about tomorrow from 2.30 we might come and find you to discuss this a little further. :) Have a lovely day! - Danika

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