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In store campaign to support the abolishment of dog fighting

Please see below a forwarded message from Liverpool Shop - could you please give access to this to

I hope i have directed this email to the right person, i want to contact the design team about a potential in-store campaign.

My name is Olivia Graham, myself and Becky Currie from Lush Spa Liverpool have been working alongside Hillary and Michael O’Brian to develop an in store campaign to support the abolishment of dog fighting. We’ve been doing it in collaboration with the League Against Cruel Sports as they’re the experts in the field of dog fighting and a group that we’ve worked with in the past. In May the four of us were invited to a report briefing and talk about dog fighting in the UK at the Houses of Parliament.

What Hillary would like us to do now is to have an in-store campaign for stores in the North West of England where Dog fighting is becoming more and more commonplace. Myself and Becky have been working on making this a possibility (under the supervision of Hillary and Michael). We have contacted stores in the North West and they’ve expressed keen interests in getting their stores, staff and customers behind this campaign.

We have attached some images the League use to gain publicity around dog fighting. What we’d like from you is support getting these images to work in a shop floor campaign. Mostly we’d like to get an image to use for light boxes in the windows of stores. The League already has a lot of publicity around dog fighting. I’ve attached images of their flyers for you decide if there are appropriate or not.

A few weeks ago we ran a Charity Pot party from our store for a local dog rescue charity and with a particular focus on Dog Fighting to anticipate how a campaign of this kind will work on the shop floor. The feedback from all our staff was great, they were all enthusiastic to run a campaign that customers can relate to on a local level. It’s also surprising how little people know about the extent of dog fighting.

All the best,
Olivia Graham and Becky Currie

Some facts about dog fighting:
A dog fight takes place every single day in the UK, even though it has been outlawed for almost 200 years. Dog fighting is often linked to crime rings, drug and people trafficking, abuse and is prevalent in areas of poverty. Dogs are loyal companions, and should be treated as family and not as bait or unwilling participants in a horrific blood sport. Six months ago the League established Bloodline, a pilot operation which aims at discovering the why, where and when of dog fighting, the results of which have been published this week.  

Links and further information:
The Leagues Dog Fighting main page has a wealth of information on the subject:

Dog Fighting - League Against Cruel Sports
Dog fighting takes places when two dogs are pitched against each other, usually for entertainment or sport. The League campaigns to ensure the criminals are caught.

The full Bloodline report:

And a summary here:

 We’d like to encourage shops to promote the League’s petition, and ask their customers and followers to sign it:

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  • Jul 20 2016
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  • Jul 21, 2016

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    Hi Liverpool! Hope you are all doing well. :) We've taken a look at your request and Gemma is going to pass this over to one of our lovely design & artwork team to look into this for you. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any updates - any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email: and I'll do my very best to help you out. - Danika 

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