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Shower gel: Kitchen compounders session at Gorilla Islington on Halloween weekend

Ideally Saturday 29th October - Kitchen compounders come down to Gorilla Islington to make a perfume-themed shower gel in front of our customers, Gorilla Islington can then sell what they make.


Our followers and customers were so excited about the possibility of Gorilla Islington getting an exclusive shower gel and watching the Kitchen compounders make it in front of their eyes. So we feel it would be a great opportunity to hold such an event at the time when we need to start building our customer base for Christmas, which is why we thought Halloween weekend would be an appropriate date.


If the Volume 4 perfumes have been released, we think having a shower gel based on one of the Volume 4 perfumes would be a great way to really hype up the excitement and celebrate the release, whilst simultaneously driving footfall to Islington, therefore significantly raising the awareness of the shop, and almost definitely driving sales.


If none of the Volume 4 perfumes are appropriate for shower gels or if they have not yet been released, we feel a different shower gel would still work (obviously they would need to share their scent with a Gorilla Perfume). All Good Things would be perfect for the time of year, and a Love shower gel has been heavily requested in the shop. Or, if it is easier to stick with previously existing shower gels, Karma shower gel would be a nice warming scent for the autumn, or the bright green of B Electro could fit in well with the spooky theme of Halloween.


  • Hollye Murphy
  • Jul 20 2016
  • Planning
I need it.... This quarter
What part of the business does it relate to?
  • Jul 20, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you Hollye! This sounds really interesting, I'm having a review of these new requests tomorrow with Global Digital team so we can get back to you shortly with an update. Keep your eyes peeled :) - Danika 

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  • Hollye Murphy commented
    July 20, 2016 16:17

    Thanks so much Danika!! Will look forward to it :) x