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Banner for stores with scaffolding

We have a store where the Landlord has informed us that he will be putting up scaffolding up for 2 months (as of this Sunday 31st), so we could do with a banner saying something along the lines of 'LUSH open as usual'. 

I don't know whether this is something which has been done before?


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  • Jul 26 2016
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I need it.... This week
What part of the business does it relate to? Brand
  • Jul 26, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Ellen, we can definitely take a look into this for you. We have our next meeting tomorrow afternoon so should have an update for you then. Which store are you from? :) - Danika x

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  • Guest commented
    July 26, 2016 08:34

    Hi Danika, thanks for your speedy reply! That would be perfect :)
    I'm from the Property Team but the store that needs the banner is Glasgow Buchanan Street.

    Ellen x

  • Danika Stainer commented
    July 26, 2016 08:36

    No worries! :) 

    Oops, sorry. That's great I will let the team know and we'll get in touch asap with what we can do. 

    Danika x

  • Guest commented
    July 26, 2016 08:40

    Thank you Danika! x

  • Guest commented
    August 2, 2016 09:55

    Hi guys, 


    I was just wondering whether there was any update on this as the scaffolding is now up and I don't want this to impact trade. 


    Many thanks


  • Danika Stainer commented
    August 2, 2016 10:07

    Hey :) could you send an image of the scaffolding and shop front and if you are able to, measurements of the scaffolding too? Thank you! x

  • Guest commented
    August 2, 2016 10:13

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Have just asked the store to send some though :) 

    Ellen x

  • scott leslie commented
    August 4, 2016 10:36

    Hi I have attached some photos of the scaffolding outside our store. The measurements are 4.9m wide between the yellow posts and  1.5m high from the top of the yellow posts to the next floor . Hope this helps