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Website 'add to cart' on each product in category sections.

We have just launched the new website in Australia which is really exciting. We've had strong feedback from customers about areas of user experience. The largest bit of feedback is about needing to go into each individual product to add them to cart and to see if they're sold out. 

Customers will have a much faster and easier shopping experience if they can quickly add all their favourite items to their cart easily from categories. 

Further to this, when quickly adding items to cart it should not navigate away from the page they are on but just add the item up into the right hand corner, cart symbol. This will mean they don't need to click so many times. 

With all the customer feedback, we think this is something that would dramatically increase conversion on all country sites and really improve the user experience. 

  • Natasha Ritz
  • Aug 25 2016
  • In Progress
I need it.... This month
What part of the business does it relate to? Web
  • Aug 31, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you for sending your request through to us! Once the new requests and ideas have been reviewed I will be sure to give you an update. :) Have a lovely day. - Danika

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  • Admin
    James Mallorie commented
    February 1, 2017 15:30

    This has been approved and is currently being worked on in the current sprint.