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Social Media Guidelines for UK rollout

Nicolas Copeland and Hannah Gumbrielle created a training session for European Brand Correspondents which was really useful and offered great social media tips, advice and guidelines. 

Can we get this pack adapted for UK&I so that it can be sent out to shops prior to the Christmas launch?

Shops are emailing me on a daily basis asking for social media training/guidelines in terms of content/hashtags/copy/molo etc

The pack is pretty much already in a format which could be sent out apart from a few live-session slides which would need to be altered for a read-only version.

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  • Aug 28 2016
  • Already exists
I need it.... This month
What part of the business does it relate to? Brand
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    Kalem Brinkworth commented
    December 22, 2016 13:36

    Hi Jess. This is being worked on currently for a wider pack apparently. :)