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Customers see on the website first products with stock

The main reason for this idea is to make sure that on the category page, where solar indexes, products with available stock shows up first .


classic example was : we launched xmas products, but then we didint receive a lot of products during the 1st allocation, but because we , of course , published first what we received when we publish the rest  solr indexes the last one in the top, so  most of the 3-4 lines of products were out of stock, while products with stock were being displayed on the bottom of the page.

and this is really bad for the UX and conversion  rate

so my idea is to solr index first based on stock level of the product, then move to time of publish

  • DIego CIone
  • Oct 11 2016
  • Future consideration
I need it.... This quarter
What part of the business does it relate to? Global Platform
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  • Admin
    Kalem Brinkworth commented
    December 21, 2016 16:18

    Hi Diego! Is this something that you can re-order after upload, so this issue doesn't happen? I'll pass onto the team to review for you. Kalem