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More naked products


My name is Sarah Kardash. I'm a designer / merchandiser of team Lash Ukraine.

I really liked this idea, where we can all share our thoughts and creative ideas.

In my opinion, our “nacked” policy is a very good concept. I like that people receive and pay only for the product, not the packaging and, of course, also its an invaluable contribution to the preservation of natural resources.

And so I have an idea if we can sell our liquid products (shower gels, shampoos and conditioners for shower) also by weight?


Why? What for?

First of all, not all countries have the Plastic Recycling factories. So that, despite the fact that all our black pots are recycled plastic, they will still go into public trash.

Secondly, taking into account the fact that our customers are very different, as our company itself, someone of them need very little shampoo, for example, for a business trip. And there are others who are big fans of a certain gel that want 1 kg or more. But 1 kg  shampoos aren’t always available to order for our countries.


How will it look like?

I believe that it is possible to order special glass containers (glass vessels) with pump (in these vessels also sell lemonades) and there will our liquid products.

For instance, we could "pour" the right amount to bottles or pots (which, they brought along). This will enable counties to reduce using waste plastic ;)


I hope this will interest you. I'm still thinking how I can change for the better our company and the environment along with it. 

Thank you!

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  • Jan 31 2017
  • Future consideration
I need it.... Not sure, just thought it was cool
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