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Lipstick labels

From Customer Services via Simon A:


Morning Simon, 
Not entirely sure this is your domain but figured you would know who looks after this.
Some feedback from Oxford St regarding making testers of the lipsticks with the new labels. As the name of the product is on the lid when they take them off for tester the name goes with it. 
Any suggestions for how we can present the testers with a name still?


  • Debbi Allen
  • May 17 2016
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  • Gemma Goodyer commented
    May 19, 2016 15:29

    Image for reference, original label VS tamper seal label

  • Gemma Goodyer commented
    May 19, 2016 15:50

    Emailed Kirstie to get a bit of info on a couple of legal issues surrounding the location of some of the artwork content. 

    The full make up packaging range is being given an overhaul (though this is in the very early stages). Once we've had confirmation on the legal elements we will know whether the labels need updating immediately or whether its' possible to implement an interim measure to solve the problem.

  • Gemma Goodyer commented
    June 1, 2016 10:09

    New version of label has been updated, PDF attached. The update has been communicated to Si Allen, email below.


    Hi Si,

    The lipstick label template has been updated. We had a legal issue with the position of the address (must be on the base, not the lid). I’ve also included the name of the product in Lush Handwritten on the base so that it’s clear which lipstick it is when the tops are off for testers.

    Could you make sure your guys are using this version going forward. Also, could we make sure that everyone is using the vector handwritten product names where possible.


    G x