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A few months ago I sent an email regarding a website I had created for Oxford Street, called the Staff Room. 
password - oxfordst
I appreciate getting this up and running is not something that could happen overnight. I would love to work on this project creating something new and innovative for the company. I also understand Digital have a lots of other work and I would like to assist where possible as I believe this is something that could be up and running within a couple of weeks for our store. I believe having one place for everything would improve communication in the store becoming a hub for vital updates and staff communication and relations.
So "The Staff Room" the idea basically stemmed from my experiences in previous jobs and also at Lush along with feedback I have had from other members of the team.
My Idea
Eventually that the rota, training passport and other core information for each employee e.g. Payroll information (bank details), address, contact details etc... Would be on their user profile and they would be in charge of updating it. 
I would also like to look at the rota, as there is a way of designing a system that is fully integrated to the site. Allowing people to book of holidays and then from an operations/management control panel they can approve or deny the holiday. As a result of this the rota is updated accordingly and the relevant person is informed of the decision by email, allowing for less mistakes.
Eventually I would also like to change the way the training passport works so an individual user can track their progress within their own training and see what they have a left to complete. Unlike todays system where they fill out their own passport a support trainer, supervisor or manager would sign them off on different training days.
Also things like training documents and product information would be accessible through the site. 
Things such as - 
Store VM guide 
Exclusive/New product guide 
Training notes from core training sessions
Spa bookings 
Campaign information for past, present and future campaigns.
Including product information for example...
- links to charity websites and other valuable information
I would also like to integrate store newsletters and important updates to the homepage and the news page. Along with the target tracker for the month and other fun store related information.
I am really passionate about this idea and I think it would really improve the feeling of unity and team work within the store. I hope something can come of this.
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  • May 17 2016
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  • May 23, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Jordana! This is really awesome - some fab work and exciting ideas here. Kate is going to be looking a little more into this so keep your eyes peeled for updates. :) - Danika 

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