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Kitchen - More Images of Products (Past / Present)

Customer would love to see the product pics from archives if possible so they can compare new and old product. Also pictures of each product when the menu is posted. 

"I think that not knowing what something may have looked like back when it was first made and only seeing what others post on social media, blogs and vlogs is how many of us have to shop for Lush Kitchen until we start to know all the products (if that is even possible).

I think it would be SO SO SO helpful if the Kitchen would just post photos of the products when they post the menu on Friday. I believe that most of the items have been made before and most have been featured in the Kitchen before."

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  • May 18 2016
  • Future consideration
  • May 19, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi Stephen! I will get somebody to have a look into this for you and keep you updated. :) - Danika 

    Update: Colette has added this to potential projects for the future - watch this space for progress on this idea! 

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