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Brand Protection - Regulatory Affairs

Vault development
Automate the Global Product Information sheets required to register our products globally when there is a New or Reformulated Product.
The front end of this system can been accessed when on our network at:, Jamie Slater wrote some exports for me before he left, we managed to gain access to the tables, this access was handed over to Chris before Jamie left. The DB is sat on a server at the factory.
Front end:
Add an additional data capture screen to hold the modified formula (in addition to the actual formula)
Back end:
Table amended/added to hold modified formula
Add “how to use” and “Product Function” field associated with the Product Category
Create outputs by territory (7 or less), similar to the PIF report already created though much more simplified.
  • Danika Stainer
  • May 19 2016
  • Complete
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